Secret Wars Reboot

Secret Wars

On Tuesday Marvel announced that their upcoming crossover story would be more than meets the eye. At first glance it seemed like a simple successor to Marvel’s 1985 Secret Wars. It will not only pit Marvel characters from different universes against each other but may actually lead to a complete reboot of the Marvel Universe proper.

The change is reminiscent of D.C.’s Crisis on Infinite Earths which glued together all of D.C. Comics separate universes into one a central one. The change for D.C. was editorial and heralded a new age for their stories. A few years ago D.C. returned to that well by rebooting their comic book line with the New 52. This was initially met with criticism but has since gained a huge amount of popularity and traction as well as bringing in various new readers. Most importantly it increased D.C. Comics sales and they beat Marvel in various categories for the first time in many years.

Now Marvel seeks to regain its throne by using D.C.’s own moves against them. They are not just seeking to boost their comic sales though. Marvel has been making moves in their comic universe to better align it with their cinematic universe and this new reboot is going to be used for that purpose. This is a bit worrying as Marvel may be more focused on corporate synergy than good storytelling. That said it offers up a huge amount of exciting prospects.

The X-Men could be fixed in a single stroke! It seems like the X-Men have been terrible for nearly a decade now. Various writers have driven the team farther and farther from what I and many of my fellow X-Men fans loved. Most heinously they’ve all but ruined my favorite character Cyclops. With the emergence of this new Universe we might get an X-Men team that resembles a classic line up. They might even undo the murder of Charles Xavier. This is the best case scenario for Secret Wars.

If Marvel uses this even to fix some of their past mistakes and doesn’t just worry about homogenizing their products then comic fans could be in for a really big treat. If fans need a smaller treat they should check out our Nutshell review of JLA/Avengers!

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