The Walking Dead 5×12

Adapting is the theme of this week. Rick and the gang enter Alexandria and it seems too good to be true. Aaron and Eric lead them in and show them to their leader Deanna Monroe. She’s a former congresswoman who wants to trust them. Throughout the whole episode everyone still seems skeptical of this place; but eventually they warm up to the idea that this could become a home. It still seems weird that a community that large still has electricity and running water. I would imagine reserves would run dry eventually; even if they had generators and backups. As they adjust to their new surroundings, there are certain amenities that they get reintroduced to; brushing their teeth, showering, and shaving! I honestly forgot what Rick looks like without his beard. This is what slowly starts to turn them in favor of staying. As each of them gets comfortable, Deanna interviews them all to see where each would fit in. Daryl and Rick are still hesitant to open up too much to her while Michonne and Carol were the most hopeful about returning to a normal life. Then Carl was able to meet other kids his age! The two boys tried to welcome him in with video games and the like and it had Carl baffled that they had time for that. There was a girl with them also who was still relatively new and it still seemed like she was wary of Alexandria as well; this was made apparent when Carl saw her sneaking to the other side of the wall and he followed her. Meanwhile Glenn, Tara, and Noah met up with someone to see how they do supply runs. The other groups methods made sense up until they mentioned they kept a walker alive because it killed some of their group. This showed their incompetency and Glenn and Daryl rightly knocked some sense into them after they returned to camp. After all this, Rick was assigned town sheriff again and all is seemingly looking up for them. Carol shared the same thoughts as Carl that this place would make them weak and they would lose their guard. Then Rick turns and shows he’s not gonna let them lose their edge; he’s gonna make the other group hardened like them, or they’ll take the place for their own. Now I’m not sure the whole group will agree with that, but it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

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