The Walking Dead 5×14

What the hell was that. I know death is an inevitable part of this show, but what in the actual hell. I’ll start off in the beginning before going in on what would prompt that sort of reaction. Life appears to be normal for the gang now. We see Daryl take a ride on his new bike, Noah is asking for architecture lessons, and Rick is up to somewhat normal police work; all is good right? Carol is still dealing with the aftermath of being followed to the gun stash by that kid. She eventually bribes him by baking him more of her cookies and to no one’s surprise, she was faking that housewife for appearances sake. She’s still that hard Carol that we’ve grown to love/hate at times. Meanwhile, Rick is investigating who would destroy Jessie’s owl statue because he doesn’t have anything else to do in this town as of yet. However, Carol would later see the signs of her past abusive relationship in Jessie, her husband, and their kid. She confronts Rick about this and they come to the conclusion that this man has to be stopped by any means necessary. On the other side of town, Father Gabriel is having a breakdown when he decides to speak with Deanne. He basically comes out saying that Rick and the gang can’t be trusted because they’ll seize the town when the time is right. At first Deanne seems to brush him off like a crazy preacher man, but she appears to be considering his word by the end of their chat. During all this, Maggie hears everything because she was working with Deanna earlier; so this should lead to some interesting dynamics as the season ends. Then on the outskirts of their area, Abraham is with a group gathering supplies to enhance their wall. A group of walkers ambushes them and everyone panics except for Abraham. He calmly goes in to wipe them out and rescue one of their own from getting taken. It was really surprising that they were willing to abandon their people just like that; turns out this will be a recurring theme in the episode. Anyway, Abraham takes charge of the crew and motivates them to keep working. All this happens in between the main events of the episode which involves Glenn, Noah, Tara, Eugene, and two fools from Alexandria; I’ll get to why I think they’re fools later. The power grid of the town is starting to go down so that group goes on a supply run. In the warehouse Deanne’s son starts to concede leadership to Glenn with his friend’s disapproving glare. While inside, we get a nice little bit between Tara and Eugene trying to have Eugene grow a pair and start pulling his weight. When they do find the parts they need, those two fools mess it up by shooting anywhere at an armored walker and hitting the grenade on his arm. This causes all hell to break loose and one of the fools gets injured. Tara also gets injured but the others manage to get to her. However, one of the Alexandrians was willing to abandon his friend without any remorse in his decision. Yet Glenn was still willing to try and he would learn that some of their group died before because none of them had real experience. They act all tough, but it’s just a show and they’ve never taken this plague seriously. So he dies and the others try to make it out. Glenn, Noah, and the other guy are trapped momentarily but Eugene figured a plan to somewhat help them. All seemed well as Eugene lured some of the walkers away. Then that’s when the friend showed his true nature and I believe the nature of the rest of Alexandria. In order to secure his own survival he squeezed through the door, but that allowed the walkers enough space to grab one of the other two. Unfortunately, we saw the last of Noah as he was graphically torn to bits. Now we see every type of intestines, decapitations, and anything else; but the way they killed Noah was just brutal. We see walkers tear out one of his eyes and they rip his jaw in half for good measure. Glenn’s reaction mirrored mine perfectly. Out of the main death’s this season, this one bothered me the most. After all this, Glenn catches up to the other guy and beats him senseless. If it was Rick or anyone else in the group, I think they may have just killed the man. But maybe Glenn realizes that Alexandria could be something and he can’t be fueled by emotions. Either way they all head back to town for what’s sure to be a thrilling two episode conclusion to the season.

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