Agent Carter: Bridge and Tunnel

This episode picks up with Peggy realizing that no one around her is safe so she must live in solitude. Her friend at the diner suggests living in her apartment building since something just opened, but Peggy refuses. However, as compensation for helping him, Stark insists that she stays at one of his houses. These little moments are nice to see while they still establish and develop each character. We then learn more about the people who want the weapons from one of the minions and that the mysterious Leviathan wants results. We then cut back to Peggy who goes into disguise again to figure out where the missing milk truck went. What’s so well done when Peggy goes undercover is that everything about her changes yet she still remains the same. Like, her accent and mannerisms change but we could still see that she was in control of the situation to get her job done. Unable to find evidence at the milk factory, she does gain a name and address to follow up on. In the meantime, the remains of the factory are brought into the SSR and they are convinced that Stark was behind the attack. The men at SSR even find out about the radiation that is given off from the explosion. So with that, they go to the owner of the oil company and they then decide to scan all the employees. Peggy’s boss then calls her in to do the scanning on the female employees. However, since she was at the explosion herself she had to figure if any of the residual radiation stuck on her. After she clears herself of anything with it, she then continues to help them. When one of the scientists from the factory comes up, she recognizes him instantly but he doesn’t go off. So after some quick thinking she gets the suspect to run off and the men chase after. Being the super spy that she is, she just takes a shorter way down the stairs and knocks him out with a briefcase. From there Jarvis and Peggy decide to visit the name of the sick worker to see if he has the bombs. At the same time, the SSR interrogates the suspect and later learn the same location; and not to be outdone, the man with the voice box is also on his way to the address. This sets up a very nice conclusion to the episode. Peggy and Jarvis get there first yet Peggy tells Jarvis to go home because she doesn’t want to see him hurt. Then as she proceeds to interrogate the person in the house, he passes out before giving any answers. With that she decides to just drive the truck away but is greeted by the voice box man. She is able to contain him easily enough and it turns out Jarvis is more help than she thought. These two characters have such balance with each other that it’s surprising it’s working this well this soon. This can definitely be accredited to the writers and actors for carrying it out perfectly. As they are driving away they get attacked by a┬ámystery man.┬áHe almost succeeds but Peggy pins the man to the truck with a knife while herself and Jarvis and the man with the voice box jump out. Unfortunately, the voice box man sustained a bullet wound and would die after they jumped out. However, they were able to gain one last bit of information in the form of a mysterious symbol that is sure to play a bigger role. The boys from the SSR finally catch up after they see the explosion and fortunately enough Peggy and Jarvis escape just in time. This time though, Peggy didn’t make a clean getaway as the boys were able to see woman footprints were at the scene with a partner. They assume, correctly so, that this is the same woman that beat them to it in the last episode. Overall, this had the same feel as the previous episode and that’s not a bad thing at all. As long as they remain consistent they’re not going to have a problem drawing people back in.

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