Agent Carter: Time and Tide

Agent Carter returns in the latest episode still trying to restore the reputation of her dear friend Howard Stark with the trusty butler Edwin Jarvis. However, the SSR is still hot on their heels with every piece of evidence they’ve gathered thus far. While this episode may not have hard the same impact as those first two, it still did its part in advancing the story with a sense of purpose. First we got treated to a closer look at Peggy’s new living situation; and while it could have just been a filler scene, there was a sense of purpose from what the landlady told her tenants. However, before she was able to fully investigate her hunch things got more difficult as the boys at the SSR were able to figure out that Stark’s car was at the scene of the Roxxon implosion; and were then able to bring in Jarvis as a suspect. This whole sequence, followed by Carter’s ability to get Jarvis out, setup nicely so that we found out more about Jarvis’ background. As they followed Peggy’s lead it was nice to find out more about Jarvis and how he became somewhat indebted to Stark. With a longer series run than 8 episodes we might have been able to get a flashback or some other details about his past life; but for now this will suffice. And really it works for now because it keeps the main story going with just enough to keep the audience’s interest in each character. If future seasons do get longer orders, then they could flesh out further details on everyone. Although it may suffer the fate of what’s been holdingĀ Agents of SHIELD back for me; but that can be talked about at another time. Anyway, Peggy and Jarvis find themselves at a hidden boat which has all of Howard’s stolen technology. Peggy then figures she can simply just call it in to her colleagues at the SSR and clear Stark’s name just like that. Unfortunately Jarvis comes in with the harsh truth that they would probably use that to bring her down as well considering how convinced they are that Stark is their man. This brings in a great turning point for Carter as she so desperately wants to prove herself to the higher ups at the SSR. If she was able to close out the biggest case they’re working on it could start the change and she’d feel like she did during the war. Then Jarvis brings her down to Earth again that it’s going to take a lot more than this to have her recognized as she should be. So for now she works in the shadows as a spy while they tip off the SSR about the found goods. Yet, they aren’t so alone as a fight ensues while Jarvis is making the arrangements and we get to see Peggy in action again. Without the help of Stark’s invention both would have surely been killed. There’s another mysterious figure there who was just observing and sees the SSR confiscate all the goods and take the assailant in for questioning. This mystery figure then follows them back and destroys any proof that his friend would have given along with the driver. This leaves everyone at the SSR, including Peggy, shaken up and further convinced that Stark is their man. Peggy, who is more disturbed by this death than I thought she would be, goes to Angie; and we see her drop her guard for even the slightest moment. While it may just be a side relationship for now, I think what the writers are attempting to do with Peggy/Angie is interesting. They could be going so bold as having an actual relationship or it could just be a normal friendship; or its simply just to tear at our heart’s by season’s end! Anyway, this episode was also a great way to continue the vibe they created in the previous ones. 1940’s New York is in full swing with the background music and the slightly off-color filters. They’re just doing a phenomenal job on that aspect in trying to get the feeling of the era right. Here’s to hoping the remaining five episodes are just as involving!

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