Jupiter Ascending Nutshell

Maybe it’s just my definition of Sci-Fi differs from others, but it feels like we haven’t had a true Sci-Fi movie in a long time. Sci-Fi in general can be so broad that maybe what I’m getting at is there hasn’t been a basic one in a long time that just goes back to the roots. Over the top plot? Check. Talking lizards? You bet. Cheesy one-liners and action? It wouldn’t be Sci-Fi without it. The Wachowski’s are back at it again with Jupiter Ascending and I have to say they did an admirable job. The basic story behind it is that Jupiter, Mila Kunis, is the main protagonist who is just some Earth girl who gets sucked into a galactic sibling rivalry for control of Earth. How she gets involved in this whole mess is where Caine Wise, Channing Tatum, comes into play. He is a former soldier who is just trying to regain his status by bringing Jupiter in to his employer. Along the way they run into other bounty hunters, lizards, and Sean Bean. The million dollar question is whether or not he lives or dies, but I’ve left this review spoiler-free for now so I won’t end my streak now. Each character along the way provides a meaningful role and that was surprising. From best actor Eddie Redmayne to Nicholas Newman, no matter the name attached to the role it was well done. There’s also one aspect of the story that could be seen as a cop out, but I saw it as a good nod; all I can say is that it has a Matrix-esque feel to it after one of the reasons as to why things have to happen. Another aspect well done was the world and everything the Wachowski’s created for their vision. The weapons, vehicles, tech, costume design, etc. were refreshing takes in a genre that may have grown stale in recent years. What I really thought was the strong suit were the different environments. Each one had a different look whenever the characters arrived. With all this, this was far from perfect; there are some plot holes and the inevitable love story, amongst other points. But overall it still achieved what I believe it set out to do. Which is give us a new, or at least a forgotten, aspect of Sci-Fi that we haven’t seen recently. With the majority of movies these days being based off comics, books, or other existing properties, it really was great to see new original material. Is this as groundbreaking as Matrix? Definitely not, but it’s fun to watch a cheesy original Sci-Fi movie once in awhile.


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