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The original X-Men film is not lauded enough for being the gateway to the world of Marvel dominance, that we live in today. It was made by Bryan Singer known for the still relatively new film, the Usual Suspects. A director jumping from a crime drama to a superhero film was practically unheard of and many of the snobbier types certainly had to have thought he was committing career suicide. Unfortunately for them, X-Men was a huge success. The movies success has to be attributed, at least partially to the 90s cartoon of the same name. It, along with the comic books obviously, lay the foundations for the movie’s box office gross. The movie really focused on all the right elements for a first X-Men film. Each character was developed well and given their own time to shine in the film. Ian McKellen’s performance as Magneto is one of the greatest in any comic film yet. He brought life to one of comics most interesting enemies in a way that got across how villainous he was while making you root for him. Although the film made Wolverine it’s center the creators didn’t do it at other characters expense because Hugh Jackman wasn’t a proven star yet. The only thing that doesn’t hold up in this film is the ridiculous leather suits. After this film would come Spider-Man and then the floodgates opened but if this one hadn’t been the success it was who knows if we ever would have gotten to the day when Avengers: Age of Ultron is made. There have been many bumps in the road since the original but thankfully the X-Men franchise got back on track with Days of Future Past and looks to keep heading in the right direction with 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

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