Alien: Covenant

David from Alien: Covenant

I had extremely low expectations going into Alien: Covenant because of the train wreck that was Prometheus. The sequel didn’t improve the situation much. That said, I was happy to see actual Aliens wreaking havoc, and Michael Fassbender’s David is a joy to watch. It’s a shame Ridley Scott didn’t just create a new story centering around a god complex driven android not in the Alien Universe. The biggest problem most people had with Prometheus was that the characters were just too dumb to be believable. I think that criticism holds true in this film. One explanation I read online somewhere justified the stupidity as nightmare logic, but I’ve never become a complete idiot in my nightmares. What makes my nightmares scary is that making smart choices still leads to monsters. Just like Ripley and her various compatriots make smart decisions in Alien and Aliens, but things still go south. In the end, it wasn’t quite as bad as Prometheus thought, and I didn’t walk out of the theater feeling like I wanted my money back. So, I suppose that’s something.

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  1. June 2, 2017

    […] that tickled my heart. Something about big budgets robs a horror movie of its horror. Just look at Alien: Covenant, where the CGI Alien looks kind of cute in a few scenes. The setup is equally fun, as a small cast […]

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