Mad Max: Fury Road

A functioning flame thrower/guitar 2-in-one. If that’s not enough to draw you into this movie I’m not sure what will. The fourth film in the Mad Max franchise comes off fine tuned compared to the previous entries. Tom Hardy takes on the role of Max this time around and he delivers a great performance. Overall the dialogue of this film is far and few between; but that contributes to the beauty of it. I think that simplicity, compounded with other aspects, is what makes this a great movie. Yes, this movie is a continuation to a series that was started in the 80’s, but this set the bar fairly high for other classic sequels that are due out this year. The entire cast honestly displays a great collective effort that I haven’t seen in a long time. Most notable of all is Charlize Theron’s portrayal of Imperator Furiosa. She really leads the charge of female characters who aren’t displayed as the all too familiar tropes. And this is where Mad Max separates itself from every other action movie. While most would have their female characters devolve into a love interest, Mad Max treats them as a kickass character who can stand their own, and in some cases, steal the scene from their male counterparts; it just treats them as awesome characters. This movie also shines in its cinematography. The look of this movie is stunning to say the least. Compound that with the fact that George Miller has 95% practical effects makes it that much better. From the sand-tornado, to the night scenes, to just about everything in between looked beautiful. Even the story itself is timely with the whole water is scarce bit. There’s just so much going for this movie that I could keep ranting on different tangents for several pages that your best bet is to just see it for yourself. It really is a classic masterpiece and even if it weren’t attached to an old franchise, it would hold up remarkably well.

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