Resident Evil: Director’s Cut

Resident Evil

The first truly great survival horror game holds up to this day. Of course, it can only truly be judged by its own time. The graphics weren’t the best at the time but the movie cut scene to start the game was very entertaining and a little creepy when I first played it. The dogs were spooky looking! This game introduced series mainstays like the T-Virus, the Tyrant, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and of course Albert Wesker. The voice acting was pretty terrible but at that point not many games were giving us Shakespeare anyway. There was a good amount of generally scary moments; like when the Dogs jumped in through the windows. The game play was still figuring itself out but it wasn’t hard to play either. Many people disliked the camera angles of the game; but I will always love them as you would often hear an enemy before you saw them due to the perfectly aimed camera. Sure this made combat a bit harder but hell who doesn’t want a challenge? The thing that is really amazing about this game is that it spawned five direct sequels, 14 indirect sequels, a prequel, a remake and six movies. It really was the master of unlocking…cash!

Check out the crazy opening to the game below!

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