Back to the Future

Woah, this is heavy; Heavy indeed it was Marty McFly. Six years before my birth in 1991, Back to the Future burst onto the scene courtesy of Robert Zemeckis. Michael J. Fox stars as the lovable Marty McFly as he travels back in time courtesy of Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown and his time traveling DeLorean. The basic premise is simple enough in that Marty has to travel back to 1955 due to those crazy Libyans. While in 1955 he encounters young Doc Brown and younger versions of his parents; played by Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover. Chaos ensues as his mother falls for himself and he tries to his best to have her fall with his father. I fell in love with everything about it when I first saw it; and it holds up remarkably well to this day. The story, special effects, and acting were simple enough to get behind with that most anyone could like this movie. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd deliver  perfect performances as the main characters. One liners are to be had throughout and the score is one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Then the score is just as iconic as they come; and that’s saying something considering the caliber of movies that were released in the 80’s. The sequels do an admirable job of trying to uphold the standard set by this classic, but as many sequels set before them, they fall short. All in all, Back to the Future is a classic that is sure to live on for years and decades to come.

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