Blindspot 1×02

Last week we were left with Jane having her first memory; and it was a doozy. In short, her former self knew the risks of wiping her memory and I’m assuming it’s part of a bigger mission from her past life. This week we start with the crew trying to jog more of her memory. Dr. Borden goes through some inkblot tests and she sees a little more of that outdoor shooting range. Weller then takes her to a sparring area where her muscles remember what to do in those types of situations. Similarly, when she’s taken to a gun range she uses the weapons no problem; and we get another memory! However, this one is pretty disturbing in that she shoots a nun in the back of her head. She holds off on telling Weller this for now out of fear what it could mean. Meanwhile, a former drone pilot has gained access to some drones and started killing off past associates. After Weller, Jane, and the Crew tried to confront him, there are some doubts as to whether or not Jane can keep coming out with them; if she truly does help or just puts them at risk. This is made evident later after Patterson figures out another of Jane’s tattoos, yet when they get there the suspect recognizes her immediately. Jane’s instincts come in and she nearly kills the man before Weller and friends step in. Each episode is going to happen like this basically where some crime happens, they find a clue on Jane’s body, they go there and solve the crime of the episode. Since we don’t know how all these seemingly random events link to each other, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be able to maintain. However, we did learn one big interesting thing this week; Weller thinks Jane is a girl that went missing when they were children. It’s interesting that they’re planning on revealing her identity this soon. It’s going to be difficult in my eyes to really continue the story seeing as how her mysterious identity was a big draw for me. Once they reveal it I’m not sure how much longer they can keep going with the tattoo crime of the week. I’m sure there’s a whole backstory she’ll remember throughout the series but I’m scared they’re rushing too much. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed this episode despite the same arcs practically every series goes through. There’s an overall big bad/mystery that has to be solved and in between there are mini stories that may or may not be interconnected with the main story. I really want this show to keep going, but I fear it may have shown its hand too early.

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