Heroes Reborn 1×03

This definitely feels like this season is going to be focused and not have many filler episodes; if at all. This week we had a pretty well balanced episode between all characters. Tommy had the least because we just see him trying to be a normal kid and his mom still wary of the whole situation. He mentions his protector to her and she gets more cautious and she actually confronts the penny man. He then mentions something like the mom knew this time would come when his powers would be needed. Next up is Carlos who is still trying to get vengeance for his brother’s death. He follows the cops who set it up, and it turns out they are part of some underground evo hunting ring. While escaping the priest helps him out with his wicked power to hide, but Carlos is still unsure about how he feels with evo’s. As he tracks the cops to an evo hiding spot, he puts on his brother’s vigilante costume to warn the group. He in turn gets knocked around like a rag doll and gets tossed/jumps out of a 3 story window and walks away with a limp and some bruises. He has to have some sort of power to be able to live and get up from that. Now onto Miko and Ren! This is where it somewhat starts connecting with other characters; but more in an indirect way. As Miko comes out of her Tron world, she is in a tower that is operated by Renautas. She makes easy work of the security guards, but when she runs into Harris he gets the best of her. They capture her for questioning later; but mostly to find out why she has Hiro’s sword and how she just appeared out of thin air. Erica is the head of Renautas and she reveals that they’re going to use Molly Walker to identify evo’s worldwide; however, she just uses the term “new technology” to pitch the idea to her board. Ren shortly comes in for Miko’s rescue after her short fight with Harris in the boardroom. The main interesting thing from here is that we find out Harris is an evo who can regenerate any body part; then the part that gets cut can grow a whole new clone of Harris. From here we jump back to Odessa with Noah, Quentin, Luke, and Joanne. As for Luke and Joanne, their main thing is that they’re fighting over why they’re still doing all this. The main interesting thing with them is that it seems that Luke is developing powers of his own. With Noah and Quentin, they’re trying to find out about Renautas. After a quick visit to the hospital to help Quentin with his wound, Noah gets chased around the hospital because he was there June 13 2014. With no memory of why he was there, he’s able to find out through security footage that he was with Molly, he saw a body in the morgue, and that Hiro may have been involved. It’s only a matter of time before we see Hiro this season, but they keep teasing us each episode so far. As the two of them make their way to Renautas, they actually manage to reach Molly in time. However, when she sees Noah she instantly gets a look of fear in her eyes and runs the other way. Noah and Quentin have no choice but to just run the other way and hide the rest of the episode. Unfortunately for Molly, as she is running away she runs right into Harris’ arms and gets captured. In a plot identical to X-Men 2, she gets hooked up to a machine just as Erica is officially launching their evo tracking device, Epic. The user can put on the glasses and identify an evo’s in their sight. Now, we also some looks at the girl in the arctic who’s been looking at the northern lights, but there hasn’t been any real information that I can gain from those scenes as of yet. It may have been in the prequel series leading up to Heroes Reborn, so maybe that’s why. Either way, everything felt on point again. Character balance is what I expected with some getting weaker stories than others. This is still okay for now because of the longer plan for all of them to come together by season’s end.

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