Frank in a Nutshell


Released: Jan 17 2014

Directed by: Lenny Abrahamson

Michael Fassbender delivers a magnetizing performance in Frank. The story irresistibly drew me in with its comic awkwardness as Jon (Domhanall Gleeson) joins a very unique band led by the aforementioned Frank. The twist is that Frank wears a giant fiberglass head and never removes it because as he says, ‘I have a certificate’. He is actually based off Chris Sievey, who invented a whole comedy routine around the character he called Frank Sidebottom. The comedy works extremely well in this film and you find yourself rooting for Jon to find his own musical voice as well as rooting for the band to make an impact when they are invited to the South by Southwest music festival. Even the off the wall music has some extremely appealing aspects. It probably reminded me most of The Door’s experimental work. Unfortunately the ending of this film takes it in a direction that is just a bit too depressing to work as the cap on an otherwise wonderful film. The film seemed to portray Jon as the protagonist of the film but the last act gives a sense of narrative closure for Frank and his band while leaving Jon’s story jarringly open. That is not to say the ending does not have a beauty to it and even a sense of realism. It just didn’t feel quite like the ending the film needed. That said the movie was still very enjoyable if you like the quirky kind of story Frank is telling.

For a Taste of this Quirky Story check out my favorite scene from the movie below!

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