Hannibal 3×02: Primavera

During the season 3 premiere we caught with Hannibal after his escape. This week we see what is left of Will Graham after the events of season 2. The episode starts with the audience finding out the fates of Will and Abigail. How both of them recovered is beyond me; seeing as how Hannibal sliced Will’s stomach and Abigail’s throat. The symbolism behind all that seeing as that’s how they all met was such a nice touch. From there we see Will and Abigail and struggle over their respective feelings for Hannibal. Even after all that, Abigail still says she would follow Hannibal; this shows the strong hold that an abusive relationship can have on a person. Fast forward 8 months and they decide to go after Hannibal to Italy! Whatever feeling they have about him has drawn them there; and right to his latest murder. Not only that, but he shaped his victim’s body into a heart to show them how they hurt him. Hannibal is the ultimate manipulator and he’s still trying to spin them to his side. We then find out about a cop investigating this case who ran into mini Hannibal and was hoping to team with Will to finally catch him. This theme of cat and mouse is definitely going to play itself out for most of the season. Then as Will tries to find the design in this murder, we get a flashback that has us believe Abigail is dead after all! So it turns out that in Will’s subconscious he was trying to convince himself this whole time that Hannibal was right this whole time and he needs to go back to him. And in the shadows of all this, we see that Hannibal is playing Will like a fiddle. At a point I feel like he wanted to reveal himself to Will in the catacombs, but it would mess up his plan. This still leaves me wondering what happened to Dr. Bloom and Jack Crawford, but that’s what the next episode is for.

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