Hannibal 3×01: Antipasto

Doctor Lecter is back in session and it appears that his life has calmed down since the climax of season 2. Instead of picking up from the chaos of Will, Jack, and Alana bleeding out in Hannibal’s house, we see the doctor and Bedelia adjusting to their new life in Europe. Mads Mikellsen and Gillian Anderson pose as a married couple as we see them go through France and Italy. Hannibal is using a fake name while posing as a sort of academic to get his name in with the crowd there. The biggest piece that hinted what the season may be like was the main theme of the story of Dante. There was also great background on Bedelia and how she was rethinking her decision to go along with Hannibal. We see a glimpse of her past and can only hope to get more of it. Then there was also a flashback with Hannibal while he was eating with the Ripper, with Eddie Izzard reprising his role. The story elements were definitely more insightful and gave subtle hints as to what will happen this season. I’m sure next week’s episode will include the aftermath of the American side of things. There were some slow moments this premiere, but I wasn’t expecting anything action packed. Also, Zachary Quinto was apparently in the episode but I honestly couldn’t catch him. Hopefully he shows up again because he’s too good of an actor to have a brief cameo. There’s also the inevitable appearance of Richard Armitage that we have to look forward to. Then visually, it upholds everything I’ve come to expect from this series. All in all, it was a welcoming sight to see this show back on the air and I hope it continues its rise as one of the best shows on television.

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