Blindspot: 1×01

New TV shows are usually hard to pull off. They have to worry about timeslot, demographics, and several other factors. It’s also hard to draw audiences in right away with the pilot. Even shows like Arrow or Grimm even had me grinding through it until each show picked up in quality and overall story. Blindspot doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall into that trap too much. From the pilot I think I can say it’ll keep audiences intrigued. The basic story is that this woman, played by Jamie Alexander,  wakes up in a bag in Times Square with no recollection of who she is; oh and she’s covered head to toe in tattoos. Enter the FBI and Agent Kurt Weller, played by Sullivan Stapleton, to takeover her case to figure what the tattoo’s mean and who she is. Throughout the episode it was constant back and forth of the FBI asking Jane Doe questions and she answers in varying ways, “I don’t know.” They eventually figure out a clue from one of the tattoo’s that leads them to a plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty. From here it’s basically Weller going, “Jane no” but Jane goes ahead and does the thing anyway. As she helps this case out, we find out she can speak Chinese, speak a rare dialect of Chinese, was a former Navy SEAL, and her first memory was triggered at the end of the episode. As far as the story, it sets up a real simple story that can expand in any which way. Pacing was pretty standard considering it was a pilot episode and it left enough questions throughout that it has me convinced to come back next week. Then the other characters and overall acting were pretty on point in giving us enough information for now. This FBI unit is led by Bethany Mayfair who has some connection to one of Jane’s tattoos. The two agents working in the field with Weller had enough snark and attitude about them. Then the rest of the crew back at base balanced out the personalities and qualities of the rest of the cast. Not to mention the great diversity in it and how it hasn’t been bashed, to my attention at least, as just pandering to the crowd. I know I make it seem like it was perfect throughout, and it almost was, but there were some flaws here and there. Acting was stiff at some points, it got a tad repetitive at other points, and I’m not sure of the longevity of the overall story. However, from what we’ve been able to see so far I’m sure the writers have a long term plan to keep this going for several seasons at least.

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