Blindspot 1×04

They figured out another tattoo! Surprise, surprise, and it led to a case of missing viruses at the CDC. Two rogue scientists who have been planning viral outbreaks to save the future of the Earth were at the core and Jane/Taylor and friends were able to thwart their evil plans. It’s what happened in between that continues the development of these characters. Not saying that the main action was boring, but I liked how they integrated the main arc this time. For one, it appears Patterson has a boyfriend or someone she lives with that snuck into her work to figure some of the tattoo’s. Mayfair caught on that she was lying about not requiring help, and I’m sure that’ll play a bigger role further down. As for Mayfair, she’s still guarding the case that was on Jane’s body very close. Her friend in the CIA also made an appearance to try and do things his way with regards towards Jane and extracting the information. As for Zapata and Reade, they had some interesting side stories; with Zapata having the bigger one that will play a role down the road. Turns out that she owes a large sum of money and I have a feeling it’s all connected. Then with Reade, he’s still wary of Jane’s involvement but near the end he appeared to be warming to having her around all the time. And back to the main woman herself, with her identity supposedly figured out she tries to remember further back to the night she disappeared. Weller and Taylor try to talk it out about what happened the night she disappeared and it doesn’t seem pretty. Weller suffered a falling out with his dad because he was accused of being involved. Then from how Weller acted when Jane wanted to talk about that night made it seem like there’s more to it than he’s willing to tell right now. Which is fine because I’d prefer they not spill too much too soon. This plays perfectly into the next twist that Patterson discovered when she looked into Jane’s dental records. When she looked at the genetic makeup of one of Jane’s teeth it turns out it matches those of people born with African heritage! This completely contradicts the DNA results that were thought to prove that Jane was Taylor Shaw. This was an interesting development that had me confused, but in a good way. The writing and fusing of everything in this show continues to impress every week and by now I probably sound like a broken record praising this show. Then the action, in particular the final fight scene, was on point. Once again Weller was having trouble with the CDC doctor and in comes Jane to save him looking cool and everything. And there appears to be hope because NBC just ordered a full season for Blindspot so that’s definitely some good news.

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