Don’t Answer Me

Don't Answer Me

Occasionally, C.M.G. will mine the vast ocean, that we call the internet, for amusing, inspiring or just plain fun content that we think you will like. So for today we give you a throwback to yesteryear. This Music Video by the Alan Parson Project not only has a great song behind it but also illustrates a fun comic book storyline. The hero is drawn like a classic detective in a trench coat, the damsel is blonde and the villain is a typical lug. The art is based on classic 1930’s pulp novels. Artist Michael Kaluta was a natural fit for the project since he worked on a 1970s version of the classic pulp hero known as, the Shadow. It may sound outlandish by today’s standards but this amusing video cost over 50,o0o dollars to make back in 1984. So without further ado enjoy Don’t Answer Me.

If you find the Alan Parson’s Project interesting be sure to check out Classic Rock Review’s review of their album Turn of a Friendly Card or their Edgar Allan Poe themed debut Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

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  1. October 23, 2023

    […] Ammonia Avenue, is the music video rendered in comic book style, which was recently highlighted in this article by our affiliate Comics, Movies and Games, which examines the pulp novel-style artwork in the […]

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