Supernatural Season 10 review

How the mighty have fallen. Then again, most of the community has been saying this for the past few seasons. Before I go any further, it’s safe to assume there will be spoilers from here on out. So if you aren’t caught up with this season and you still feel compelled to finish it out, please stop here. The way season 9 ended with Dean becoming a demon courtesy of the mark of Cain, it provided an actually interesting plot. Instead, the writers decided to only use it for the first 4 episodes of the season. The other 19 episodes were constant bickering between the brothers on whether or not they should cure it or not. If they cut out all the filler episodes, they could have honestly finished this season in 10 episodes. Even then, when episodes would have elements that contributed to the overall arch, it would be like 5 lines of dialogue! I honestly can’t remember many episodes from this season. Like, the couple episodes with Cole? Completely useless! There was nothing redeeming or memorable about his character that contributed to the main plot. The episodes that had the bright spots this year were the ones that included the likes of Bobby Singer, Jody Mills, and Charlie Bradbury. The annoying thing about Charlie also is that they killed her! One of the few female queer characters on television and they give her a cheap death as to motivate the boys to do their job. When representation for female and queer characters is at a low in any form of media, to take away a much beloved character the way they did is a disservice to what she was. However, they did introduce a new character in Rowena; who is Crowley’s mother. While this was a surprising turn of events that could have played out differently, I was highly disappointed she wasn’t dead by the end of tonight’s episode. All that being said, there was a moment when I thought they would somewhat redeem what was left of a mediocre episode. Everyone knows the story of Cain and Abel and the parallels that Dean and Sam represent there.Before that scene took place, Dean would summon Death to come up with a plan to get him somewhere he would do no harm. Death said it was possible that he could send Dean to space or somewhere, but it was at a cost. Enter Sam who Dean would have to kill with Death’s sickle. After a brief scuffle where Sam was trying to convince Dean removing the mark was still a possibility, Sam gave in and was willing to die. This is where they could have somewhat redeemed the season. Instead, Dean turns around and kills Death. I’m sure this can be an interesting side arch next season, but chances are the writers are going to mess it up. Now instead of fulfilling the prophecy of a brother killing his own, they opted not to take that risk for whatever reason. Now the evil energy that the mark was containing is loosed on the world and that’s that. Oh yea, when Rowena unleashed the spell to cure the mark she subsequently put a spell on Cas to kill Crowley. Now the screen faded to black right before the killing blow was dealt so chances are nothing happened. Most everyone agrees that the show should have ended when Sam fell into hell with Adam and the way this season ended is just reaffirming our thoughts. I didn’t even mention the useless Styne storyline that was shoved in there for 3 episodes! There was just so much that went wrong this year that I’m honestly still surprised they got renewed. Dean killing Sam and then going off into solitude would have been as perfect as an ending for this series as they could have got at this point. Needless to say, I’ll probably be back for season 11 just because I’ve stuck around this long so I need to finish it out; no matter how ugly it gets.

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