Hannibal 3×03: Secondo

The return of Agent Jack Crawford! Though, he was merely there to establish his role right now, it was still good seeing him back this season. The only survivor left from Hannibal’s attack to make their comeback this year is Alana Bloom. This episode’s main focus was on overall goals for Hannibal and Will this year. On Hannibal’s side of things he had another guest for dinner in both senses of the word. While his guest was alive, we find out that he is from the same company that the previous victim was from. Bedelia meanwhile appears to be playing along for now until she knows she can get away. While she was the one that technically killed their latest dinner, she was still aware enough to use a napkin over the murder tool so as her prints wouldn’t get on them. After all this, the pair of them go back and forth in terms of Will’s apology, which viewpoint it was given from, and how he knew Will would look for him and where to go next. Cut toWill who trekked out to Hannibal’s home to try and find answers. While there, he comes across what appears to be a groundskeeper. When the two meet we find out her name is Chiyo and she was tasked by Hannibal to watch over this prisoner who apparently ate his sister. However, we later cut to a scene where Hannibal is washing Bedelia’s hair and the topic of his sister comes up; Bedelia then asks if he was the one that ate her, but they cut it before he could confirm or deny it. As for Will he decides to free the prisoner but it appears for other purposes. He correctly assumed that Hannibal only told Chiyo to guard this man so that she wouldn’t follow him. When the prisoner “broke” from his prison, her hand was forced and he had to kill him. Will already knows what it’s like to be framed by Hannibal for a murder he didn’t do so maybe he did want to set this man free. However, when he arranged his corpse into a butterfly and raised him up, he was setting up a message for Hannibal. Hannibal’s whole excuse of not being able to return home makes it seem like he’s the one who ate his sister; and now with the prisoner and the girl out of the way he knows he can go home. He’ll be on Will’s trail for now since he waited for his next move, but if he does end up catching Will, it looks like this will be the last we see of Mr. Graham.

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