Mad Max

I don’t even know where to begin with this one but I’ll try my best. From what I was able to gather in the first installment in this franchise is that there’s a big motorcycle gang that’s been terrorizing the people. Max (Mel Gibson) is part of a police force that is trying to get these guys behind bars. One thing I didn’t pick up on from watching and I read from the synopsis is that this is also a post-apocalyptic world where oil is on low supply. This movie was released in 1979 so it’s filled with the style of back then; and I must say I don’t think it holds up too well. Star Wars and Indiana Jones hold up over time, but this falls far short of that stick. Anyway, as for the plot it took me awhile to really figure it out. The basics of it go is that this is just a back and forth revenge flick. The cops kill one of the bikers; who in turn almost kill one of the cops. This sends Max into a spiral and he takes some time off the force to travel with his family. Somehow the gang runs across them and kills the wife and kid because she rejected their advances. This is when Max finally earns the Mad title; granted it’s 95% into the movie when this happens, but better late than never I suppose. He then goes on a spree going after the remaining bikers. Overall I just have to say it was a very odd movie that probably wasn’t necessary for me to see before watching the newest installment.

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