The Walking Dead 5×11

This latest episode really showed how paranoid Rick has become. Granted he has reason to be that way, but I like to think I would still trust people to a certain extent in his situation. Last week we were introduced to Aaron, and this week he was introduced to the group. Rick was understandably cautious of someone who knew his name and followed them far enough to give them water anonymously. Yet, as his interrogation went on we could see the tension in the group as the majority of them wanted to trust Aaron. This would lead to a great turning point as Michonne is the first to stand up to Rick. Aaron told them about some cars they would’ve brought closer if it weren’t for the storm and Michonne volunteers to go check it out. As she and some others return, it turns out Aaron was telling the truth the whole time. Even with all the food and two running cars Rick is still sketchy about this guy! Now, I wouldn’t trust him 100% but I’d trust him enough to follow him to his haven; which is aptly named Alexandria. For whatever reason, they decide to leave at night for this new town and to take the road Aaron doesn’t know well. This leads to mayhem because, well, nothing is ever easy on this show. The two cars get separated and we see a flare shot in the air. This sends a panic through Aaron and he abandons all hopes of getting them to his city. This seems strange at first, but when we find out the reason it’s an admirable one. It turns out Aaron’s partner that he was supposed to bring the group back with got injured and it’s his boyfriend. In a world that has a lesbian character in Tara and bowels being spilled left and right, seeing a gay couple shouldn’t be a problem right? For Rick and the gang it’s no thing, but to those of us on the other side of the screen, it turns out some had an issue for whatever reason. According to comic readers Aaron’s always been gay so the show didn’t do it just for kicks; not that it would have been a problem anyway if they wanted to create their own characters for more representation. It’s just baffling that this is where some viewers draw the line. Anyway, the rest of the episode is the whole gang basically trying to convince Rick that going to Alexandria is the right thing to do. Everyone appears exhausted from their march to Washington and just their general way of life. If there’s a chance that they could settle it’s a chance they’re willing to take. Now we already know how settlements go on this show because of the farm, prison, the governor, etc. but we can still hope.

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