Heroes Reborn 1×05

The latest Heroes Reborn had some actual slowdown for me. There were some moments, but overall it felt like one of the slowest episodes since the premiere. Acting felt out of place and stiff with some characters and the writing was just okay. As for the plot and how much it contributed to the overall arc, it was just average. There was Carlos who just found out the priest and his nephew disappeared and he immediately went to the precinct to confront the cop. Before he was able to speak with him, it turns out his fellow detectives received new epic glasses courtesy of Renautas. This revealed the captain to be an evo and they subsequently subdued him and attempted to transport him to a processing station. However, Carlos was able to step in presumably to just get information on where his nephew and the priest were; but he could also try to ask him about his powers and why he did what he did all that. Moving onto Luke, he just went back to his home to try and figure everything out. He was prepared to run into Joanne, but I doubt he would’ve been able to kill her if necessary. We get a glimpse of some memories he had with his son. Then Luke proceeds to call a friend over to sell him the clinic; what the clinic is I either lost attention because they didn’t really make it interesting or they’ll explain later. He then continues to set his house on fire and calmly leaving the premises and no one in his neighborhood seemed to notice. Then Tommy had a somewhat interesting development because he found out he was adopted as he was going through evo processing. The man with the penny was able to disrupt the evo processing slightly and he revealed himself to Tommy. Tommy couldn’t take the responsibility of saving humankind, and he promptly teleported out of there. I’m still not sure of the purpose of Farah and Malina really. This episode they were just on the run and encountered a Harris clone and friends. While trying to escape, Farah gets shot and is presumably left for dead but chances are she’ll be transported back to Renautas HQ. They also come across another evo who can either cancel out powers or just emits these weird black beams from her body. Meanwhile, Malina stows away on a log truck with a mysterious envelope that Farah handed off to her with her last breath. Back at Renautas HQ, Miko and Ren continue to work through the grounds amidst their cover of the Evernow fandom. The security could’ve easily had the crowd dispersed and off their property, and Erica knew Miko was after the sword, but they elected to let them roam freely. Meanwhile, Noah, Quentin, and Taylor try to figure out Erica’s master plan. Turns out there are seeds and general life on Earth samples stored in massive containers in case of mass extinction events. It’s later revealed that the company is working on some teleportation device to somewhere to save the planet from some super solar flares that will wipe everyone out. It’s also revealed that Noah and Erica worked together and that he knew about this plan before willingly having his memory erased. After Noah and crew were able to get this information from Erica, Harris and some clones come in to slow their progress. Erica and one Harris manages to escape just as Miko breaks in to take back her sword. Noah is left with a Harris clone to try to interrogate and then Miko jumps back into Evernow to try and find her father.

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