The Walking Dead 5×13

This episode was basically more of the same as last week. The group is continuing to adapt to life in Alexandria; some easier than others. Sasha is one that isn’t taking this calm lifestyle to easily. We see her early in the episode having target practice outside the walls waiting for walkers to come. Yet when they don’t she gets anxious. Meanwhile, Rick,  Daryl, and Carol meet where Rick stashed his gun just to discuss a backup plan in case things go south in Alexandria. They are momentarily disturbed by a walker that they find has a W carved into its forehead. Back inside the city, Deanna further explains her vision for the city and she hopes Rick and the gang can help lead them there. To further coax the group into a sense of security, they are invited to a welcoming party to officially meet the other residents. The group slowly shows up one by one seemingly in line with the idea that this place may not be that bad after all. The exception being Daryl, who we saw bond with Aaron earlier while they were tracking a horse. Aaron and Eric appear the most trustworthy in Alexandria and they invite Daryl to become part of their circle to help recruit people. This little bit changes everything because by the end of the episode it seems Daryl is open to the idea of trusting these people; not to mention he’s getting a motorcycle out of the deal. Back at the party, we start to see the hesitation on some of the group’s faces; most notably we see Sasha struggling the most. This is easily expected and can possibly be classified as PTSD. After being on the outside so long, it will take each member of the group different amounts of time to adjust; if at all. During all this, Carol sneaks away to snatch some guns for their backup plan. Little does she know, that one of the kids followed her and she does what any logical person would do; she threatens to torture the kid if he ever tells anyone. At the end of the night, we see Rick roaming the walls and leaning up against it like he misses the other side. We then see a great mirror image of a walker on the other side who is trying to get in.

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