Heroes Reborn 1×04

The pieces are slowly starting to come together. Luke and Joanne were the most removed at the time and they didn’t have much this episode so I’ll start with them. Joanne is basically still on this rampage going after all evos no matter the cost. Meanwhile, Luke is coming to terms with the realization that he has powers and he’s rethinking if what they’re doing is serving any purpose. Luke then reveals his powers to Joanne by destroying the list of evos they stole and thus causing the pair of them to split. Back with Tommy and his mom, we were left wondering how they would survive the car crash. Tommy is able to send his mom to a hospital but it turns out she needs a blood transfusion. Fully aware of the risks, he volunteers to have his blood tested for compatibility. The results come back negative, but that doesn’t stop him from going to a blood bank to get the blood his mom needs. Unfortunately, when he tested his blood it went to a national database that was able to identify him as an evo. Now in the hands of what I presume to be some government branch working with Renautas, it appears that Tommy will be joining the rest of the crew shortly. Carlos on the other hand is still trying to get vengeance on the cop who is hunting down evos. He was able to update his armor and fix up the car that his nephew and brother were working on. One interesting part about his nephew is that he has the ability to phase through objects. The nephew revealed himself to the priest, but at the same time the cop caught up to them and was able to capture them both. During all this Carlos was out looking for the cop so he had no idea what happened to them. As for Malina and Farah, they have started making their way down from the Arctic to try and save the world from this mysterious threat and to try and get the group together. I don’t think we know much about them besides that Malina can bring things to life and Farah can turn invisible. I think it’s also great that they made Farah Muslim and they showed her praying in a scene this episode. Now back to Miko and Ren, they didn’t have much besides figuring how they were going to get to Renautas HQ and get the sword back. They had some great chemistry moments where we could see them getting closer. Hopefully they don’t force a romance on them just for the sake of it. They were able to make it to Renautas and I’m presuming that they will run across Noah and them soon enough. Speaking of Noah, he’s still with Quentin trying to figure what the real plan of Erica is. To get this, they convince Taylor to confront her mom about what Renautas’ real goal is. It turns out they want to harness evos and their powers in order to save the human race. Disgusted with her mom, Taylor decides to help Noah and Quentin out. As they make their way down to the labs, they run into Harris copies. As we knew, Harris can create multiple copies of himself if he gets severed anywhere and they can mimic him in almost anyway. When these copies do get killed, they just dissolve into a pile of ash. Erica has to know this and it has to be the main reason she keeps Harris around; for the extra security. At this point though, I feel like Harris is playing some longer game if he’s willing to betray his own kind like this. Now Noah and friends made their way to the machines that the evos are hooked up to and Noah makes a reference to Sylar. They also spot Molly Walker who still answers in riddles when Noah asks what really happened June 13. The only real thing she reveals is that Claire is indeed dead; and now I’m starting to think that Noah himself did it so that she wouldn’t have to undergo experiments by Renautas. Although, I’m sitll wondering how he killed a girl who had the ability to regenerate from anything. Anyway, the crew escapes before Harris and his guards arrive and that’s that. The season is progressing along nicely and this is definitely living up to what Heroes was when it first started.

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