Blindspot 1×05

It was bound to happen eventually, and this week it took center stage; the CIA and FBI are at odds over Jane and the case of the week. The case being an apparent hostage situation that was linked to a tattoo. Turns out it was just a ruse to rescue a former CIA operative by a terrorist organization that wanted to build a chemical bomb. This in turn led them on a goose chase until the FBI narrowed down where the terror group was headed to pick up their equipment. Insert a cemetery in Queens and we have a shootout. Jane and crew manage to get the chemicals away after killing all but one of the group. However, the interesting part comes in when the CIA director takes aim at Jane but then Mayfair steps in and we have a standoff between the two branches. This conflict is sure to run deeper as the season progresses and with the little twist at the end it’ll only get more interesting. Mayfair gives in and hands over the asset to the CIA, who is probably going to be tortured or convinced into working for the CIA again. The side stories in between were okay. For one, Weller’s sister thought it would be beneficial if Weller tried to talk it out with their father now that they think Jane is really Taylor Shaw. Weller didn’t take to kindly to this idea seeing as he thinks his father is guilty for Taylor’s abduction. Meanwhile with Jane, she had a few moments that triggered some memories. The first being when she was at dinner with Weller, his sister, and his nephew; the kid started asking a bunch of questions and then Jane started seeing herself going down a base of stairs. While this wasn’t much, it led her to think that what if she doesn’t become the Taylor that Weller knew. The other memory was slightly more detailed as she saw where she was being led. After the stairs, there was a basement that had a whole bunch of kids laying on mattresses; all looking distressed and possibly all part of a program that have people similar to Jane out there. As for agents Zapata and Reade, Zapata thought that Reade would fold and work with the CIA to provide intel just because he was openly agreeing to the CIA’s opinion about Jane; however, by the end of the episode it was revealed that Zapata was the one who took a bribe, to pay off her large debt, and agreed to provide intel about Jane. Then one subplot that I was hoping the show wouldn’t go towards is appearing that it will become canon. I hate relationships between the two mains of a show simply because it feels forced. Also, with how awesome Jane is, I don’t want her to become a puddle of her former self just because she has feelings towards Weller. On Weller’s front, this could work in the long run and make him more likeable for me. The bland portrayal can finally see some depth in how he’s being acted by Stapleton.

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