Hannibal 3×04: Apertivo

Dr. Chilton! Mason Verger! Dr. Bloom! We get reacquainted with the rest of the survivors of Hannibal’s work. Though, I am surprised to find out Dr. Chilton survived a shot to the face. Yet, they did show how everyone did survive their respective attacks. In the case of Dr. Chilton, the bullet missed everything vital. Each character in this episode had a good look in their motives for the remainder of the series. In the case of Dr. Chilton, he visited everyone in trying to help them recover psychologically and to gain patients for his hospital. Due to the past two episodes, we are left to assume Will is playing the long game with Hannibal. While he may have said, “I forgive you” to Hannibal, we all know he plans on killing him this season; especially with the help of his new friend. The biggest surprise of this week would have to be Alana Bloom. When we consider her intimate relationship with Hannibal, it makes sense why she takes the direction that she does. One small thing I thought of when we first saw her during this episode was her hospital room. Visually it looked and fit in with the entire feel of this show. However, with the absence of any sort of machine checking her vitals or a nurse not being there to check when she wakes makes it seem odd; but I digress. Right away when she first wakes, we see something has changed in her by just her eyes. Then as she talks with Dr. Chilton, there’s just something about her tone that isn’t what we’ve grown accustomed to. As she visits the Verger estate, we get a brief look at Margot Verger and how she has adjusted to life since the events of last season. The interesting part is when Alana speaks with Mason Verger and states her request for vengeance upon Hannibal. This comes as a semi-surprise considering her peaceful nature the previous two seasons. However, when thinking she has double the incentive to want revenge on Hannibal it makes sense. She even seems pleased when by the end of the episode she tells Jack that Will has gone on to find Hannibal. At this point, it seems like she doesn’t care what happens to anyone else as long as Hannibal ends up dead. As for Agent Crawford, he had the best arch for me. We start off seeing him as we did last season, but it follows with Dr. Chilton visiting him. During this visit we see Chilton trying to convince him that revenge is the best path. Even though he has as much reason to want revenge as the others, Yet, he goes the opposite and just chooses to forget and enjoy the remaining time he has with his wife. Unfortunately, that time is short this episode as his wife succumbs to her cancer. Although some of it is somewhat suspicious because of what he injects in her. We are left to assume, because of his character, that he still injected her medicine but she was still claimed by her disease. Though part of me thinks he wanted to put her out of her misery, and in that case he injected her with too much or something he wasn’t supposed to; for the sake of his character, I hope it was just the disease that claimed her. His conversation with Will during her funeral and his conversation with Dr. Bloom later has me hopeful that it was all just an accident. Agent Crawford is truly doing what he does so that the ones close to him stay safe. This was more evident to me when Will was the only one to show up to his wife’s funeral and he expressed his feelings towards him. With all this and the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like we are in for one hell of a ride as this series comes to an unfortunate close.

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