Hannibal 3×05: Contorno

Oh me oh my; the hunt for Hannibal took an interesting turn this week. All the major players in the hunt had significant developments as they each got closer to the prize. I’ll go by pairs so that it’s somewhat easier to keep track of who did what. Will and Chiyo were the most removed from tonight’s events. The majority of their events takes place on a train to Florence. Then we find out a little more about Chiyo and her motives for wanting to go after Hannibal. However, the biggest twist in regards to Chiyo is that she apparently knew where Hannibal was the whole time; and she tosses Will off the train! My thinking is that she wants to be the one to put down Hannibal and that she doesn’t trust Will to do the right thing when the time comes. As she rides off on the train, Will is left to stumble along the tracks to figure his next move; and he is greeted by that familiar black creature. We then have Alana/Mason figuring out how to track Hannibal down. It starts off with Alana playing super detective and knowing Hannibal wouldn’t give up his lifestyle while on the run. She was able to determine his table settings, what food he would be putting on the table, and even that Bedelia was buying the materials with cash. As if that wasn’t hard enough, she also learned that two workers from Hannibal’s place of employment have “gone missing.” There’s also some comments from Mason about Alana’s intimate relationship with Hannibal to try and explain how she knew what Hannibal would do. While this is all impressive, it wouldn’t make much used to them unless they went to Italy themselves to deal with it; insert Rinaldo Pazzi and Jack Crawford. This episode, Jack had a double reason for being in Italy; the first was obviously to try and deal with Hannibal and the other was to pay his final respects to his wife. (Sidenote, but I had no clue that the actors that play Jack Crawford and Bella are actually married beyond this on-screen marriage) It was moving to see Jack spread Bella’s ashes in Italy because he would later mention that this is where they met to Inspector Pazzi and his wife. They then get to the business of discussing how to immediately deal with Hannibal. Inspector Pazzi actually goes to Hannibal’s museum to confront him initially and to just confirm that it really is him. This is where he then gets in contact with Verger/Bloom to try and negotiate the bounty on Hannibal’s head. After the conversation ends, Bloom/Verger and the audience knows that Pazzi is about to get killed going after Hannibal. Lo and behold, as he tries to get his fingerprints, Hannibal is two steps ahead of him and bounds and gags him. As Hannibal delivers the final blow with Pazzi’s bowels out, here enters Jack. With all the rage and fury that I’ve, and I’m sure others, anticipated to come from Jack it unleashes in full force. He lets loose the vengeance from Hannibal’s attack, the loss of his wife, and seeing Pazzi hanging with his bowels out; and he fights with some smarts! Music comes on right before the fight starts and it fits the whole scene perfectly. The choreography throughout was just fun to watch and I was smiling like a goof the whole time and clapping along. I knew Jack couldn’t kill him since we’re only 5 episodes into the season so I was just glad to see Hannibal get his ass handed to him. When Jack stuck that hook through Hannibal’s leg it was the icing on the cake; and that he used it later at the end of the fight was perfection. I was scared for a second near the end as Hannibal was sitting by the window sill that he would toss Jack over, but was relieved to see that Jack was smarter than that. As he threw the hook at Hannibal to knock him over that almost had me cheering if it weren’t for the fact that there are other people in my house who were still sleeping. Anyway, next week looks to be even more intense as Hannibal has to keep retreating since they’re close to him.

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