Blindspot 1×03

So we now have confirmation that Jane Doe is really Taylor Shaw! However, Mayfair wasn’t so keen on letting her identity be known. The mystery guy that’s been following Jane around also confronted her, but that was short lived as the people they worked for took him out shortly thereafter. Though, he did deliver a mystery message to Jane telling her not to trust “them”. Anyhow, the basic parts of the episode followed the basic formula that’s been established already. Seemingly random crime occurs, FBI gets wind of it, it links with one of Taylor’s tattoo’s, and we end up with more questions than answers. The difference for this week’s version is that the crew of robbers were former Special Ops as well and they had the same tattoo as her. This is where the show is somewhat lacking for me; just the repetitive nature of each episode so far. The overall story arc is great and that’s what I really want to know more about. There were some character conflicts/developments that made things interesting with the team as well. Agent Reade was upfront about his hesitation with having Taylor around for everything and he wasn’t sure if this is the safest way to go about things; and he called out Weller for being too personal with this one. However, when things settled they talked it out with Mayfair to fully integrate her with the team after the basic tests were passed. Mayfair also had an interesting development when Patterson unlocked another of Taylor’s tattoos that linked Mayfair to a past FBI case. Mayfair was immediately concerned and Patterson couldn’t get more information out of her. Afterwards, Mayfair met with a past colleague who wasn’t in favor of keeping Taylor alive. Apparently only four people knew about this mystery case and it will definitely be a bigger thing going forward this season. Now that Taylor knows who she is, it looks like we’re gonna be getting flashbacks going all the way back to when she first disappeared as a child. This arc will be exciting but I’m still curious as to how much they’re trying to fit into this first season. As for acting and everything else, it was pretty much the same it’s been since the premiere; one exception being that Stapleton felt more stiff than usual. HIs acting was fairly dry trying to be the rough and tough guy.

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